Cadillac Eldorado Gas Tank Sizes (2002)

The Cadillac Eldorado's gas tank is 19.0 gallons.

Larger sized gas tanks are advantageous because you don't need to go to the gas station as often. Also, you can take advantage of days when gas prices are discounted and fill up your vehicle with a larger quantity of gas.

Scroll down for the gas tank size tables for your year and trim.

Cadillac Eldorado Gas Tank Sizes (2002)
Year Trim Engine Gallons Liters
2002 V8 Coupe 2D ESC 4.6L 19.0 71.9
2002 V8 Coupe 2D ETC 4.6L 19.0 71.9 is a website designed to quickly help you find pertinent information about your vehicle.

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